Keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible is top priority. Whether the tooth has advanced decay or have more filling than tooth, it puts your tooth at-risk for cracks, breaks, and other issues.

The crown protects the tooth and repairs fractured molars. Since we use porcelain crowns and color match to your existing teeth, this creates the most natural smile possible as it will appear just like one of your natural teeth.

Installing your crown is accomplished in 2 visits to our office. The tooth is reshaped so that the crown can be set over it. A mold is taken of the tooth and sent to a dental lab to ensure a perfect fit and look is achieved.

You will be fitted with a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready in about 2-3 weeks. Crowns are very sturdy and long-lasting. With proper care and maintenance, crowns will typically last approximately 10-15 years before requiring a replacement.


At TrueSmiles Dental Studio, we use advanced technology like the iTero® Scanner Element 2. Taking impressions for crowns or bridges are extremely easy and painless! When you need a crown or a bridge, we don’t need to create impressions from your teeth the traditional way, we simply scan your teeth. Then we can show in real time and true color your scan.

Your scan is sent directly to the lab for accurately fitting crowns, retainers, bridges and Invisalign trays. This means there is less time used creating impressions and more time consulting you on how to achieve a healthy, happy smile.