Teeth whitening is entirely non-invasive and affordable service with noticeable results in one appointment. We use a powerful whitening gel with a peroxide base that is absorbed by the tooth enamel for maximum results.

Within one treatment, you can have a smile that is 5-10 times lighter. This treatment may be repeated during the same visit to improve results depending on your sensitivity and desired whiteness of your teeth. At True Smiles Dental Studio, we believe our patients deserve the confidence of a bright and happy smile.


Yellow and stained teeth are natural signs of aging. A whiter smile will make you look younger and healthier. You will feel more confident when you smile and laugh because you will not need to worry about stains your discolored teeth.



With veneers from True Smiles Dental Studio, patients with a multitude of cosmetic issues can enhance the overall look of their teeth and smile. Veneers are strong, thin shells of porcelain prepared to fit the front chewing surface of your teeth flawlessly. Benefits of veneers offer a variety unique benefits for patients comparing cosmetic dentistry procedures. The treatment process is minimally invasive and requires no oral surgery. The entire process is typically completed in just two appointments. No additional care is required after your veneers are placed. You will continue your normal dental hygiene routine by brushing and flossing. Veneers look and feel completely natural. Your new veneers will conceal imperfections and give you an even and bright smile.


Direct Veneers 

This is a one-day service and does not require any removal of the existing tooth. This option may be better for patients with structural concerns. Direct veneers are applied using a resin matched to the rest of your teeth. Extra layers of resin may be needed to create the correct the length and shape. Then the material is hardened with a laser or light. Once completed, our technicians will check the veneer for bite and position then polish to perfection. This is all completed in one office visit.

Indirect Veneers

Indirect veneers involve a more invasive procedure since a small amount of your enamel must be removed to allow for the thin sheets of dental porcelain to be applied. We will make an impression or mold from your existing teeth for your new veneers. This will be sent to a lab to create your veneers. You will return for a second visit to have your new, custom veneers applied. Indirect veneers offer a long-lasting solution for your beautiful smile and can last long term with good oral hygiene.



Dental bonding is a treatment that can correct cosmetic concerns including stains, gaps, chipped and misshapen teeth. The process involves using a tooth-colored dental resin to reshape teeth and correct flaws. During treatment, a resin is applied directly to your teeth. Our experienced team sculpts and smooths the resin to look natural with your existing smile. Then we harden the resin with UV light. Benefits of dental bonding is a popular procedure for patients is a variety of minor cosmetic flaws who want a solution that is budget friendly and non-evasive.